Make a Donation


How can you Donate?

  1. Online

    The quickest and easiest way to donate is via our PayPal link, which accepts all major cards in addition to a PayPal account. You can make a one-off donation, or set up a regular payment. If elligible for Gift Aid, we would urge you to fill and send us a Gift Aid Declaration alongside.

  2. Standing Order

    Setting up a Standing Order gives us a reliable income, is a great way to commit to making a long term difference, and reduces the chore of completing donations slips. To set one up, fill and return our Standing Order Form.

  3. Direct Bank Transfer

    You can make a direct bank transfer to our account, details of which can be found on the accompanying form.

  4. Cheque, CAF Voucher, or Cash

    Alternatively, if you prefer to donate by physical means, you can send us a cheque, CAF voucher or cash alongside the accompanying form.

Gift Aid

If you are elligible, making your donation through the Gift Aid scheme enables us to claim up to an additional 25% of your donation. All you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid declaration form alongside donating via any means of the means above. To read more about how this works, and for the form, click here.

What can you donate towards?

There are a variety of causes that you could donate towards - our main requirements are given below, but please get in touch to discuss any other ideas you may have.

When donating, select the category you want funds to go towards and feel free to add more detail if you wish. Alternatively you can allow us to use the funds wherever they are necessary.

Any donation, no matter the size, is always welcome.


  • Sponsor a student

    £501 will board and educate 1 child for 1 year at our Brahmanand Vidya Mandir School.

    £50 will educate 1 child for 1 year at our Savarkundla schools for the street children.

  • Sponsor a village school as part of our Anand Dhara Project

    £750 will provide materials, equipment and teaching support to one school per year in our Anand Dhara Project. There are 40 schools in our project all situated in Visavadar Taluka.

  • Capital costs

    If you wish to donate towards a new school building or equipment, please contact one of the trustees to see what is currently required.

  • Feed children in our schools

    £50 will provide milk for 1 day to about 500 children at our 2 Savarkundla schools.

    £500 will feed one meal to about 1250 children, elders and staff at our Brahmanand Vidya Mandir School. This can be a nice way to honour a special day like an anniversary, birthday, engagement, marriage, a religious occasion or in a memory of a departed loved one (tithi).


  • Sponsor the treatment of patients in our hospital

    Every £100 will help to treat 20 patients in our hospital.

    On average, it costs £5 to treat a patient in our hospital. Diagnosis and treatments are carried out free of charge, meaning patients only cover the cost of their medicine.

  • Capital costs

    If you wish to help donate towards equipment or supplies for the hospital, please contact one of the trustees to see what is currently required.


  • Sponsor an elderly person

    £480 will provide boarding, food, clothes, medicine and any other expenses for 1 elderly person for 1 year.


  • Feed animals in the dairy farm

    £400 will feed about 320 cows for one day in our dairy farms. These cows produce milk for all the children, elderly and staff at both Chaparda and Adhoi schools.