Gift Aid

Donations to BEHT of any size can qualify for Gift Aid treatment, meaning we can claim an additional 25% on top of your donation. These donations are treated as having been made after the deduction of income tax at the basic rate. As long as you have paid enough income tax or capital gains tax (at whatever rate), we can then reclaim that from HMRC.

This means that for examplee for us to receive £1000, you would only need to make a Gift Aid donation of £800. Or to put it another way, your donation of £800 can be bumped up to £1000 at no additional cost to you.

Furthermore, if you are a higher rate taxpayer then you can include a claim for additional tax relief in your annual income tax return – in effect, HMRC gross-up the amount of your gifts.

The official government page with a full explanation, and the latest information can be found here.

Gift Aid Declaration

The easiest way to make a declaration is to submit the form below. Alternatively, a PDF version is available here.

I want BEHT to treat the following as Gift Aid Donations (select all which apply):