Animals & Environment

Animals, birds, and all other living creatures are silently cohabiting on this planet and every living being has an equal right to live and prosper – a thinking which is now accepted by most people. BEHT upholds these values and promotes it through its projects.

In each of BEHT’s education centres, there is a dairy farm and the milk produced is fed to the children free of charge. Cows have the ability to feed, provide and support humanity in so many ways hence it has been revered as sacred, to be protected and preserved in India. Essentially this is a depiction of the necessity to preserve what helps you support yourselves. All the Gaushalas have been developed with these principles and the shepherds and Gaushala caretakers have been provided with quarters in the Gaushala itself with all the amenities to support them. All the cows are treated with great love and care.

In addition, our Anand Dhara project which aims to develop whole villages holistically is also helping to improve farming and raise awareness of environmental issues.