Bhagini Samaj Girls Hostel

Any girl who wants to go into further education after finishing primary school at the age of 12 / 13 at a village level, finds it very difficult especially if they live too far away from Junagadh city. First, there is the cost of paying college fees and then transportation cost and time for travelling to and from the college.

Most parents are very protective of their daughters travelling alone to and from the college and hence dissuade them from getting further education. Generally, village girls study up to standard 10 or 12 and then leave the education system. They help their parents to do housework, cooking and also helping in the farm as most parents are farmers.

Bhagini (meaning sister) Kanya Sanskruti Kendra was built in 2006 in Junagadh city to help educate these girls from the rural area, and currently houses around 400 girls. Junagadh city is main city of Junagadh District and has many colleges teaching many different subjects. Here, girls from any community or caste can come here, enrol in any college they like and live in the boarding house in a safe environment. Some girls do need help towards their education and boarding cost.

If you wish to sponsor a girl towards her education or boarding, please do get in touch.