As part of BEHT’s objective to provide relief to the poor, the handicapped, the sick and the aged, it has set up four elderly care homes. These are primarily for those elderly living on their own in the villages who have become sick or injured and have no one else who could look after them. Homes are in the following places:

  • Radhaba Sanyas Ashram in Mendarda caring for about 50 senior citizens.
  • Kailash Dham Ashram in Gandhinagar caring for 100 senior citizens.
  • Prayag Ashram in Gupt Prayag caring for 50 senior citizens.
  • Chaparda Vrudh Ashram in Chaparda caring for 100 senior citizens.

In the homes, senior citizens can live comfortably and with dignity in their last stage of life. Each home has its own dairy farm and the surrounding areas have been developed with lots of fruit trees, flowers and plants into a beautiful, green pleasant places where elders can live happily. The residents receive three home cooked hot meals a day with tea and snacks in between, and all their medication and personal care is taken care of. These homes are free of charge for the residents and are supported by local and overseas donors.

A donation of £480 annually can help to care for 1 elderly person’s needs like – food, clothes, medicine, other minor expenses etc.