Relief Work

BEHT has helped to provide relief after several natural disasters have occurred in India:

  • Gujarat Earthquake, 26th January 2001

    The epicentre was in the dry, northern province of Kutchh, and the whole region was left devastated. Many thousands of people lost their lives and many more were made homeless. Pujya Bapu alongside volunteers set up a relief camp in a small town called Adhoi where he spent 3 months.

    Once the relief work was completed, with the help of Gujarat Relief fund, a school was built and completed in Adhoi in 2002 and managed by BEHT. About 750 children have been studying here since then free of charge.

  • Indian ocean tsunami, 26th December 2004

    The catastrophic Boxing Day Tsunami again resulted in thousands of lives lost and people made homeless. Funds were sent for six water wells to be built in South India.

  • Nepal Earthquake, 25th April 2015

    On this occasion a severe earthquake struck Kathmandu in Nepal. Sadly the result was similar and again thousands of people died and many were made homeless. Pujya Bapu and his team spent three months in the Sindhupalchowk district, providing immediate relief in the form of food for whole villages, as well as overseeing the building of replacement homes.