Volunteer at our Projects

It is difficult to relate via the website or any other means the scale of what has been achieved in the last twenty years by BEHT unless one sees it with their own eyes and experiences the environment and the people within it.

It is true to say that most overseas charities and to some extent, most businesses, working in India have found it difficult to make progress due to the complex rules and regulations and bureaucracy involved. There are always a few exceptions and we believe BEHT is one of them.

We urge anyone seriously interested in doing any kind of charitable work - either by donating funds, or giving their time, knowledge, or expertise to help BEHT progress should spend a reasonable amount of time understanding and experiencing the work that is taking place in all our various centres in India.

If you are a student or if you just want to volunteer your service, we generally recommend that you volunteer for at least four weeks which gives you ample time to acclimatise with the environment, food, language and people. The language here is Gujarati and majority of the people in our projects do not speak English but can understand it. People are very welcoming, friendly and accommodating so there shouldn’t be any language issues.

If you wish to visit, please get in touch with one of the trustees to discuss.

Read about previous experiences below:

In Chaparda the majority of my time was spent in the Girnar English medium school. This school runs form nursery to standard 8, and I was able to spend time in every standard, taking classes myself and teaching individuals who needed more help. The head teachers’ idea behind the school is for…

In Summer 2013 I travelled to Chaparda to volunteer at Brahmanand. It was my first visit to rural India and Brahmanand so I did not know entirely what to expect or how I would cope with living there. Upon arrival in Brahmanand however, it immediately became clear to me that it is an idyll compared…